computer clean-up and tune-up:

computer repair services:

Computer part replacement:

Computer running slow? Think you have a virus? Too many programs running when you start?

We can help you by cleaning your computer, and tuning your computer to operate faster.  We can clean up your system to not be bogged down at startup.  We offer all of these services for as low as $30.00

Computer upgrades:

We offer computer upgrades for your current computer.  Come discuss your plans and desires. Contact us for any questions.

If your computer is not working feel free to bring it in and we will diagnose the issue and fix your computer or give you the best suggestion to be reasonable on price.  We can backward compatibility check your current system to be able to use what parts we can to save you money. 

We will not try to sell you a new computer unless it is the last resort. 

Services starting at $30.00 per hour.