Nearly Insane Productions is owned and operated by Ronald Winnett.  His love for computers started when he was only 3 years old.   The first system that he learned on was a TRS-80 learning to use LOGO and Basic to write and run programs. 

As the years went on, his other computers that he played with and used were Apple II e, Apple II GS, Tandy T-1000, and a number of IBM Clones that he would take apart and put back together.

In Middle school his love for computers leaked into the world of websites. He created his first password protected website at the age of 13.

Computers soon became more than a passion and more of a calling after he was able to build his first computer at the age of 17. 

In 2002, Ronald pursued a career in the military.  After unexpected situations, he left the military in 2005 after becoming a decorated Veteran of Foreign Wars.

In 2007, Ronald took his love of music to a different level, and became DJ Brimstone.  The main system that he used was all digital and built specifically for the purpose of being able to follow this venture. 

After a short time, Ronald was approached by a friend and created his first computer shop in 2010 Named Brimstone Creations, in Gainesville, TX.

He is the loving father of three children: RC, Lilian, and Hunter. He strives to give his children a better life.  As of Feb 12,2018 His multiple ventures came to fruition in a larger group effort now known as Nearly Insane Productions.


"A special thank you to the woman that pushed me, told me I can, and helped me through some of the hardest times out there. Ninja Brat you are my everything." - Ronald Winnett AKA DJ Brimstone Firehawk